porches are for daydreams. and cigarettes, if that’s your thing.

There are a lot of mountains around here. I’m in Asheville, NC. From the front porch at the house where I’m staying, the mountains in the distance look like big blue shadows. This porch is empty with the exception of a small wooden bench, a sun-beaten loveseat, and an ashtray. A perfect place for someone who misses college. The loveseat, by the way, is actually a rocker. It’s supposed to be outside. I truly have no way to describe it. Perhaps when I’ve finished this pot of coffee, brilliance will kick in and I’ll come back and edit this.

The point is, the porch is great. At night there is absolutely no sound. The sky is so black and wide, it appears you could be eaten up at any moment. And if the sky doesn’t swallow you whole, word on the street is there are black bears in the neighborhood who may be capable of the same thing if you’re standing too close to the garbage can.

It’s 11:30 am here. I just came back inside from the porch. I was barefoot  and my feet were warm. It’s January here too, but the lack of snow and the abundance of sunlight seeping into the dead grass and bare trees makes it feel like summer is on its way home from vacation. The birds are singing peacefully. Peace! The space in my brain reserved for creating expectations of a close-to-perfect lifestyle has spoken. It said, “I’m gonna get up at sunrise and do yoga on this porch.” Ah! The stuff that daydreams are made of. The truth is, I drank a lot of incredibly cheap, amazing locally brewed beer last night, ate buffalo rabbit tacos for dinner, and ended the night on that porch shivering next to the ashtray.* If opposites do indeed attract, then maybe I’ll work my way into downward dog out there someday.

*I’m good company. Feeling the need to clarify that for all you moms and dads out there.

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