diva lessons.

IMG_0810I’ve been getting real sassy lately and it’s Joshua’s fault.

Joshua is my Bright Star tour partner. He’s my diva teacher. Sometimes when he gives me diva lessons he sits crisscross applesauce on his hotel bed with a flannel scarf wrapped tightly around his head and preaches.

One time when I was brushing my teeth, the bathroom door flew open and he pranced out in his underwear, struck three poses in the mirror, tripped over his feet and crashed to the ground. To give you an idea of how normal this is, I will tell you that I had absolutely no reaction to this.

I asked him the top 3 rules for being a diva. He said, “Beyonce diva? Like, workin’ fo her money diva? Or… Lindsay Lohan diva?”

“Good” diva traits:

3. Have a spiritual, physical and mental understanding of thyself.

2. Be aggressive- nobody is going to hand anything to you.

1. You have to believe you are a diva. This is confidence. Never apologize for who you are.

It’s good advice, really, if you want to be an actor. Know who you are and then market it. I’m still working on that.

I cannot bring Joshua back to Chicago with me when I return on the 22nd. Alas, he must go back to Atlanta to continue spreading the love. Luckily, I have been listening hard to the diva master and if I can’t have him with me physically, then I can at least take with me a little bit of sass, a big boost of confidence, and the sense of humor that I used to have before my mid-twenties sucked it away thinking that was the right way to battle living in a city.

And as I type this, Joshua wails in the background: “I knew it! I knew it! Mean Girls: The Musical.”