Chock Full O' Nuts.


Friday is our last day of touring. Between both of our shows we will have done over 100 performances over the past 9 weeks. And let’s be real, some days it’s hard to keep it fresh.

LUCKILY Joshua and are nuts.

Towards the end of our George Washington Carver play, I bring three kids up on stage to represent the three branches of government. In order to make the scene even more interactive, they each get a costume piece that we keep under the desk. The president gets an Abe Lincoln hat, the legislator gets to don a really appalling Ben Franklin wig, and the member of the Supreme Court has to wear a devilishly charming powdered wig.

Sometimes the kids get a little self conscious about their new hairstyles. So today I put a bowl on my head. And when Joshua came out from behind the set as Thurgood Marshall, he wasn’t expecting it at all.

Just another day.