It's All About Me?

I’m having a hell of a time writing something for an “About Me” page.

This is what I started with. An excerpt from an essay I wrote in college:

‘In class, I tell John that I’m not an actor.

“Then what are you doing here?”

It’s pretty obvious when I’m embarrassed. My face turns into an apple.

“Because, I want… to learn more about it.” I polish the apple with my sleeve, hoping to hide it in the fabric.

“You want to learn more about it.” John slides his glasses up his nose with one finger. He looks disapprovingly at my feet. I have stretched the fabric of my pant legs over my feet and have twisted the excess material into tight ropes.

“You’re gonna ruin your pants.” He is now glaring suspiciously at the worm peeking out of the apple. He knows I lied.’

That was in 2009, back in Iowa City. Last week, I started a new job at a restaurant on the Upper East Side. I’m in New York City now, so I work with a bunch of actors. I work with people who openly and freely say, “I’m an Actor,” when asked what they do.

A fellow server / actor asked me why I moved to NYC. I looked at my lap and said, “I’m an Actor.”

“Oh! You sound so sad about it!”

“I’m not sad about it. I just hate saying it.”

“Because you’re scared of what people are going to think about you. You’re in New York. You better get used to saying it, or you won’t make it.”

Boom. Head of nail, meet hammer. I’m glad to be here. Surrounded by people who are like me.

As far as the “About Me” page however, still working on it…