Real News


If you’re reading this you clicked on “news.”

Yes, I realize that the link takes you to a bunch of posts that don’t really contain much by way of news. As a matter of fact, the last post was a screen shot of a tweet in which I made claims to write a novel on Twitter in just one month.

We all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

So here’s a brief update on things I’m super excited about:

  • I have started rehearsing “The Tennessee Williams Project” with Bedlam Ensemble, and I’m super excited about it.
  • I have started rehearsing with The Forum Project– and I am also super excited about it.
  • The kitchen in my restaurant is finally opening.
  • My boyfriend’s dad has hired me. I call architects and ask them for their email addresses. I do it at home. Right now I am wearing pajama pants under my dress.
  • I got accepted into this workshop in January, and I’m super excited about being a BOSS.
  • My friend Julie is going to be my writing partner, and the webseries I’m creating is moving into the next phase. So excited.
  • Christmas music is happening. Very exciting.
  • An old cat of mine, Fat Mac, came into my dream last night. It must be a sign that prepping my apartment for a cat I don’t have is a good step, because a cat will be entering my future soon. So exciting.

Lastly, today I was walking along the Highline, I realized how much I love this city. Not a day goes by where I don’t get to meet someone creating something.

That is a good and exciting feeling.