red, write and blues.


Tonight we begin the second and last leg of our performances of The Tennessee Williams Project– and I am already anticipating ways to defeat post-show depression. 

Luckily, I have a lot going on right now. I’ve found that one way to beat the blues is to find a healthy balance between watching “Gossip Girl,” and creating stuff. Making money doesn’t hurt either, on the rare occasions that happens.

I’m excited to begin teaching Shakespeare and Improv with Fresh Theatre Arts. Yesterday I was developing a lesson plan to take “Hamlet” into an all-girl classroom of 12th graders, and I had to practically stand up to type. I was so excited I couldn’t keep my own butt in the chair.

And Monday I spent the morning filming a sketch written by my endlessly talented and hilarious friend Chelsea Bearce. Behold the photo at the top there to see how a human dresses like a cartoon, and then check out Chelsea’s music video, “Curvy,” an excellent parody of Lourde’s “Royals.”

As for right now, I’m gonna go wash my face with this new coffee I bought called “Screaming Monkey.” Over and out.

Isn't that the right place for one's teeth?


The Tennessee Williams Project is up and running!

I haven’t done a piece of dramatic work for a couple years, as I’ve been focusing mostly on sketch comedy and improv. Honestly, I was a little nervous that I was going to get on stage, pout, and just say lines.

But though training in improvisational comedy, I’ve gotten used to having FUN on stage. And through this process I’ve learned that tackling dramatic work with a sense of play makes it a completely different experience.

My scene partner Dan and I get done every night and look at each other and say, “That was fun. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.”

The fact that we get to speak the language of Tennessee Williams helps too : )