Suitcase Stories


So, in Februrary I cheated on my real life with the tv show “Gossip Girl.” I did it because I was really cold and miserable.

But that has ended so now things can go back to the way they were. I learned from my mistakes, etc. Chuck and Blair ended up together.

Excuses, excuses!

Although it feels like not much is going on, I DO have a show going up next week!

The Forum Project is a performance troupe that I’m a part of that focuses on Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. This year we’re doing a residency at University Settlement, and we’re presenting a series of short plays we’ve been improvising/devising since October.

If you’ve never seen a work of Forum Theatre, I highly suggest you check it out. Last week I saw the troupe perform at a conference called “The Trayvon Effect” at Columbia University- and it was a really amazing experience.

Just don’t expect to be a member of a passive audience!

Click HERE for more information about the show / getting tickets.