WERK vs. WORK – you can do BOTH!

I ate too much pizza before I went to bed last night, so I couldn’t sleep. Naturally.

After combing through the emails I haven’t checked for 26 days and properly updating a bunch of unnecessary shit on Facebook, I realize it’s only 7:15am. Wow, I have the whole day ahead of me! Now would be a good time to catch up on that Mad Men episode I didn’t see last week.

But instead, here I am updating something more important! I’m learning! I’m really learning!

My level 3 Annoyance class just finished up this week. We’ve been going to this bar in Williamsburg called Redd’s after class. (DON’T tell anyone about this bar, it is too good for you)!

There’s a guy in my class named Brad, and a couple weeks ago he said to me:

“Do you want to keep doing improv?”

Yea of course!”

“Do you want to do it for real? Like, for real?”


“Well. I don’t think you’re ready to commit.”

(gulp)… I’m not?”

“To the practice, to the scene. It’s a huge commitment. I just don’t think you’re ready. I don’t think you’re doing enough work.”

Why did this conversation start?? I must have been doing too much talking about Game of Thrones.

I didn’t really elucidate the importance of the conversation, I know… But it was an important conversation because Brad simply reminded me that this is a city that hustles. All that time you spend watching Mad Men and telling yourself its research, other people are hitting the ground. And by “You” I mean “I.” (Me). And maybe “you” too.

Go home, Brad, you’re drunk. No, really, he was. However, the man had a point. I love it when people tell me what’s up. Thanks Brad.

I’ll end with a photo from the class. It’s a re-enactment of a scene in which two people just touched their butts together the whole time. This is Werk: