Fear Corner – Tomorrow!

I’m excited to play with Fear Corner tomorrow night at the Tank!

8:30 pm – 151 w. 46th, Manhattan

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My friend Dan Pozmanter started Fear Corner at the PIT about a year and a half ago, and is in the process of expanding. It’s a great opportunity for improvisers to pick something that freaks them out, and just f*ing do it.

There are a million things I could pick that I’m afraid of. At one point, during an exercise at the Annoyance that involved creating extreme characters, I had a panic-inducing 90s flashback to being in the nurse’s office during Field Day, begging to be sent home. But, I did the exercise. It was a riot. I now know if I need to play a German troll prince, I can totally do it.

Chucking my poise out the window is something I’ve been working on in my improv. Trying to shed the feelings of “but I need to look pretty or I’ll get in trouble.” Ugh. Thanks, America.

Bright Star Theatre

Bright Star Theatre

Tomorrow night I’m taking the fear of doing big characters and expanding it to doing very specific characters- Impressions. Why? One the main things holding me back in improv (and in life), is the NEED to do things RIGHT. (Or else!)

So, I’ll probably screw up a bunch of celebrity impressions. Miss Piggy will sound like Fat Albert, LeBron James will probably have a limp that makes no sense. James Franco might simply smile like an idiot all night long.

It may not turn out “right,” but I am pretty sure I’ll leave the show tomorrow with a goldmine of new characters to play with. And that sounds fun!

I am currently performing with two teams: Dust Strike and Blind Tiger.

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