Standard Sour Face

It’s time to take the air conditioner out of the window, which means I’m losing closet space! Boooo to you New York City and your teeny tiny overpriced living spaces.

On a more positive note, a commercial I shot this summer is online!


Classes have started up again at the Annoyance, and I’m excited to see where the last level of the program leads. I also get to play Teacher on Thursdays, at a middle school in south Brooklyn where I’m starting a drama program. “Drama,” according to 12 year olds, means “screaming at the top of your lungs.” The kids are squirrely,┬ábut hey, so am I. Looking forward to everybody learning a life lesson sometime before December.


Trying to the think of something better than “sorry for the radio silence.”

But I’m not sorry! I’m on VACATION. In IOWA. Which means in lieu of doing work, aka using the computer / my brain, I’ve been eating and sleeping. And eating some more. And drinking girly beers on boats.

So Thursday I return to NYC, a little bit heavier, but still pretty pale despite my direct contact with the sunshine.

August was actually a very busy month. When people ask me what I’ve been up to I find myself responding with an automatic “oh you know, nothing too exciting.” (I am a robot). And then I realized: Wait, I just put up a show with 80 kids in it, co-wrote/filmed/produced a short, and shot a beer commercial all in a span of a few weeks.

Yeah, I’ll take that 3rd slice of pizza, THANK YOU.

Looking forward to September! Along with starting a drama program at a middle school in Brooklyn, beginning the last level at The Annoyance NYC, and jumping into practicing/performing with the Improvised Children’s Book, I’m super excited about auditioning for Story Pirates next week!

Also- it’s football season! Go Hawks! This year, I swear, is the year I care.