Many excitement. Very yay.

I’m having trouble writing. I do it every day, but it’s not easy. Last week during a maddening creative block, I painted the kitchen table. Now it’s bright green and if you eat at it you risk ruining the paint. Because I didn’t put any sort of sealant or whatever on it. So I have simultaneously removed both design and function from a necessary household item.

Fortunately, that’s not the only update in my life. Unfortunately, it is the only green. Yukka yukka. Ughhhh killinthisblog.

I have just started rehearsals for a show at The Treehouse Theater. It’s an improv show, and the form is based off 100 dates that blogger Lisa Allison recorded, after being dumped by her fiancee a couple years ago. The audience picks a number, we improvise that specific date. It’s a ton of fun and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Queens Secret Improv Club continues to be my home on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I will be performing with both of my indie teams there for three more weeks. Dust Strike is taking on Indie Cage Match at UCB Chelsea on the 20th, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS, PEOPLE.

I will be taking an advanced improv workshop with Mick Napier next week. Many excitement. Very yay. Mucho brilliant.

See? Writing this wasn’t so hard! Ugh, I have to go, the kitchen table is laughing at me.