I’m a little worried that improv is making me lazy.

Here’s why:

-Arrive at theatre/bar with empty brain

-Make up a show

-Go to bar with friends and fill brain with gin

-Kiss everyone on the mouth to prove that you’re not afraid of anything

A friend of mine in Chicago said that they used to give Mike Myers a hard time back in the day, because when they were done with a show, he’d go home and write it all out. (Whereas everyone else did lots of cocaine? Just an assumption).

I practice characters at home. I work on voices and accents and physicality. I try to improvise a monologue for at least a minute to see what happens. And I try to write about this as much as I can.

It’s much different than “straight” acting. You memorize lines, analyze a script, and rehearse the shit out of it. Which, for me, is much more difficult. I’ve always liked to be in charge. Improv is a way for me to make it my own. That’s not to say that I don’t like to work on other people’s stuff. But I’ll always be a big sister, and I like to own things.

I am often VERY mad at myself for not cranking out enough work. It feels like everywhere I turn I meet someone who can’t sleep at night because they need to write everything that pops into their heads. Luckily, I have been there, and it’s a place I can feel myself getting back to.

But, discipline is really hard to find.

Lastly, and most importantly: Dust Strike has a show at UCB tomorrow. Here’s the info. Tell your friends.

And here’s a hype video we made!