Brooklyn! The city of opportunity!

The end of April is already upon us! I just got back from the Midwest, and I am happy to say that the peace and quiet combed out all of my frazzled nerves. For now, at least.

Sometimes I yell at people on the street, and I just don’t know why I continue to live here. And then I have a long conversation on the bus with DONNA from THE WEST WING* about whether or not Hello Kitty is a girl or a cat and I’m like, “Oh yes. The opportunity!

So here are my upcoming opportunities!

Saturday, April 25 is the screening of an interactive¬†media installation that I collaborated on with a few students from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. It’s a crazy specific¬†piece exploring the decay of a long distance relationship- via Skype. Dramaaaaaa.** RESERVE TICKETS HERE.

Sunday, April 26 at 7:00pm is the performance of The Sleepover at the Annoyance!

Here’s a flier!

sleepover promo (1)

As always, I will be playing every Thursday night with the house team SALT at the Annoyance in Brooklyn.

I’m finishing up my clown class at the Movement Theatre Studio next week and I am pretty sad about it! It is definitely work I will continue to seek doing. In fact, I’m doing bits for the following shows:

Two Cats: A Variety Show on Friday, May 1 

Shut The Fuck Up

And I will elaborate on those in an upcoming blog. A blog in which I may use more descriptive language and talk about feelings and learning experiences.

*Janel Moloney. Yes I will honor her real name in this very famous blog post.

**But seriously, the people who put this together are geniuses and do things with cameras and computers that I could never dream of.