taking care of your inner clown

Clowning has seeped into my everyday life. I am doing my best to explore my de-socialized self, because being an adult is a long row to hoe, and I get really down sometimes.

Your de-socialized self is the part of you that existed before you turned 5 or 6, and had to start playing by the rules.

Here’s what kids think about:

-How do I get across the street without stepping in lava?

-Remember yesterday, when I had two scoops of ice cream? Woah.

-I can roar louder than Brooksie.

-I am going to put on a show about germs.

-If I step on a crack I will break my mother’s back

Here’s what kids do not think about:

-Who am I?

-What’s my purpose?

-Why can’t I fix this superabundance of problems that don’t really exist?

-Or do they exist?

-Do I exist?

-Ugh, I do not want to go to the Post Office.


So sing to your dishes! Roar at a train! Put your naked butt on a mirror and leave a smudge!

Fuck it all and go get the fun.