blood, sweat, and busy

Funny world we live in now where we celebrate women for speaking loud and proud about our periods, but it’s now taboo to say “I’m Busy.”

This week I am very busy AND I am getting my period, so everyone just sit the fuck down.

I am so grateful to the Annoyance Theatre for giving me so many wonderful opportunities to write and perform my own work. Sunday night I have the second installment of a one-person science show that I’ve been developing. It’s been difficult. The science part. Character-wise it’s a dream. But damn it’s hard to get your hands on snakes and chemicals in this town. This is New York City! If I can’t find 35% hydrogen peroxide around my neighborhood…well, where the heck am I supposed to live?!?!?!?

And then NEXT SATURDAY, JUNE 27 at 8:00pm: The run of The Sleepover + Three Busy Debras begins, and hopefully we don’t get picketed by pro-life advocates. Lotsa guts, metaphorically. Lotsa blood, too.

Click here to see the flier

Funny how this lil’ blurb just about came full circle.