So long, Summer. I hardly knew you.

90 degrees or no, let’s admit that fall is here. Oscar pushes are starting to make their way onto the Internet, Dunkin’ Donut smells like fake pumpkins, and I lost sleep last night about doing my taxes.

With fall, comes a sense of renewal. I may not be in school anymore, but I still plan out my life in terms of semesters. And I looooooove putting a stamp on a clean envelope.

(Haven’t written a blog post all summer so you’ll have to forgive any metaphors that just don’t make it to the finish line).

I’ll admit, this summer was not ideal. I rarely wish I could go back and hit the reset button, but I would love to take back the entire month of July, which was just one giant stress migraine.

But- I’m here now. Just started acting classes with Anthony Abeson, and yes girls, it is changing my life. But I’ll leave that for a separate update. Right now, I gotta run. I got new shoes in the mail and I plan to take advantage of the last hot days of the year. Otherwise, you know- endless puddle of regret and pre-winter depression.