Magdalene the Musical

I took voice lessons in college but I was terrified of singing in front of people. I had no less than 3 audition experiences where singing turned into paralysis, followed by what I like to call a “public fear tantrum,” and then a trip to McDonalds.

Within weeks of moving to Chicago, I was cast in a children’s musical. And I had to sing, alone, during a show for the first time ever. When it was time for my song during the first cast read through, I hid behind an acting cube and sang very, very quietly while everyone said, “It’s okay, you can do it.” Just like when my cat came home after getting spayed and hid under the couch.

Turns out, the cat was stuck under the couch because of her e-collar, and once I stopped caring about having a perfect singing voice and became invested in the character, I started to have a great time.

Currently, I am having a great time working on a musical to be performed on Oct 11 and 18 at the Annoyance. It’s inspired by a movie called “The Magdalene Sisters,” which is based on the true story of the Irish Magdalene Asylums. If you don’t know about this, do some research. Spoiler alert: It will piss you off. It’s devastating to watch. So we are turning it into a musical, naturally. And it will be rated R. (R for Really Great Time).

This collaborative process has been SO stimulating and exciting. We get together and write songs and improvise and make something out of nothing and it has been a challenge and a delight. We can’t wait to throw it on stage this weekend and see what happens!