a great and beautiful day!

Sunday morning after rehearsal for the Magdalene Sisters, Caitlin and I went out looking for a gift for a baby shower that evening. I had too much 100 proof something-flavored Schnapps at a drag show in which I performed the night before, and was still waiting for my mind to return. This sense of disconnect is probably why when Caitlin almost stepped out in front of a car I said, “Oh wouldn’t that have been a funny bit if-” and then stopped myself and said, “You know what, fuck it. Let’s just film the bit.” Normally, I wouldn’t have thought to ACTUALLY DO IT.

What ensued was an all day parade of bit-filming around Williamsburg, and the development of 2 goofball characters. Caitlin is absolutely the most fearless person I know,  so filming big physical scenes publicly doesn’t phase her at all. I’m the opposite so we balance each other out nicely.

We laughed so hard we cried.

And also, we turned it into a quick two minute movie for you to watch:

It’s by no means a high-quality, well written production. But damn it was fun and easy to let the inspiration carry us away!!  The lesson learned: Just do it. Nike School of ___________

Have a great Tuesday!