I have just been drowning in updates you guys, so I have to write about them all to save myself.

It’s been a great 2016 so far! Recent projects include:

-“I Love You… But I Lied”(which we’ve already talked about c’mon people keep up)

-A sketch show at the Annoyance

-Lots of modeling, check out my most recent portfolio. 

-Tons of classes and workshops, including an amazing weekend with Clown Extraordinaire Christopher Bayes from the Funny School of Good Acting!!

-A trip to Europe (not work related, but I did a ton of people watching)


Current projects include:

-I wrote a bizarre af script for the 72 Hour Film Festival and editing it is a nightmare, baby. Screening is May 2!

-After a bit of a hiatus, we are back in rehearsals for the Magdalene Sisters. An original musical schedule to grace the Annoyance Theatre stage in June.

Coming Up:

-Filming a sci-fi/fantasy webseries and it is going to be awesome my character is so bad ass and full of magic.






Tory Flack and the Case of The Lazy Blogger

God! I feel like I have to start out every post with an apology! But you’re not my boss.

So, I’m sorry Tory, that you continuously let yourself down by not making yourself known on the Internet every 32 seconds. BRB checking my Facebook.

34 likes, phew.

I am listening to a comedy podcast right now, which is why this blog post is so funny.

So what do you want to know about? I wrapped on that Schick commercial last month, and now am just waiting for it to pop up online so I can watch it over and over again and re-live the magic. Oh! A couple weeks ago the episode I filmed of “I Love You… But I Lied” aired. I haven’t watched it yet, I’m nervous. But you can watch it right here.

Unless you don’t have a cable provider to log you in. I’m sorry, it’s not me, it’s you.

This weekend I am taking a clown workshop with Christopher Bayes! The one and only. And later this month I will begin filming a fantasy/sci-fi webseries. My character is a badass, there is a magic(k) fight! So I can’t wait to get started on that.

Meanwhile, I have been modeling for people and doing sketch and improv at the Annoyance. Lastly, I am writing a detective novel. There are 3 clues in this blog!

Stay tuned.