I have just been drowning in updates you guys, so I have to write about them all to save myself.

It’s been a great 2016 so far! Recent projects include:

-“I Love You… But I Lied”(which we’ve already talked about c’mon people keep up)

-A sketch show at the Annoyance

-Lots of modeling, check out my most recent portfolio. 

-Tons of classes and workshops, including an amazing weekend with Clown Extraordinaire Christopher Bayes from the Funny School of Good Acting!!

-A trip to Europe (not work related, but I did a ton of people watching)


Current projects include:

-I wrote a bizarre af script for the 72 Hour Film Festival and editing it is a nightmare, baby. Screening is May 2!

-After a bit of a hiatus, we are back in rehearsals for the Magdalene Sisters. An original musical schedule to grace the Annoyance Theatre stage in June.

Coming Up:

-Filming a sci-fi/fantasy webseries and it is going to be awesome my character is so bad ass and full of magic.