Review: "Songs of the Black Moon" by Kendra Lou

Kendra Lou’s new album “Songs of the Black Moon” is a weird and wonderful ride. There’s no predicting where she’ll take us with her immaculate vocals and raw lyrics, but the album’s titular track kicks us off with an ambient surf rock beat- and we know there’s a journey ahead.

But if producer/guitarist Al Street’s reverb-laden ominous guitar riffs make you wonder if you’re being peeled out of reality and into a western, think again. This album defies category. Appropriately so, as “Songs of the Black Moon” appears to be showcasing the many aspects of femininity in a woman in the heat of her maturity. A femininity which cannot be contained by genre.

Not to say it’s genre-less. In fact, part of the album’s genius is the ability to blend genre seamlessly. Much like a woman, choosing which part to play in an often one-dimensional world. Kendra Lou draws inspiration from the heavy hitters of blues, jazz, soul and rock. This impressive blending gives us songs that are all at once quirky and girlish, yet dark and cosmic. Think about: a David Bowie / Nora Jones / “True Detective” collaboration.

“Cause I’m sweet, and I’m bitter,” she sings in the album’s third track “The Coco Tree.” And this may be the best way to describe it. Minor chords tell a dark story, but the sun always breaks through, taking the music to delightful new places.

“Songs of the Black Moon” consistently surprises the listener with the possibilities of genre. A solid bluesy foundation supports an atmosphere of familiarity. We’ve heard all these sounds before- yet the remarkably nuanced vocals and original melodies provide us with music that is clever and unpredictable. This album is perfect for a breezy summer night, as Kendra Lou promises to take your imagination to the stars and back.

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