full of joy and happiness

When I moved to New York City, I Instagrammed a screen capture of a note my sister left on my phone. It says:

“Dear Tory, I hope you have a wonderful life in New York full of joy and happiness. I believe you will be famous one day and maybe even cast in a television show. When you are, I hope you don’t forget about your little sister stuck in Iowa. Love, Keely.”

My caption is as follows:

“I just found this sweet note on my phone from my #sister. I neglected to tell Keely that the dream is really just to do enough industrials to pay off my student loans.”

This was June 18, 2013. (Before she had Instagram).

A few things:

First of all, and most importantly, I have got to up my caption game you guys. It’s the same reason I’m bad at Twitter.

The bar is now so much higher than doing industrials it isn’t even funny that I wrote that. In fact, I did do a tv show! 2 of them! Confidence is key.

Also, my sister is no longer stuck in Iowa. SHE LIVES IN MAUI. MAUI IS IN HAWAII. The other day I saw that she is actually in vacation on A DIFFERENT ISLAND IN HAWAII. Sometimes I pretend I am on vacation when I am in Williamsburg, because you can get close to water. Williamsburg < Hawaii.

I am so grateful for my support system. You can be a dentist, or a school counselor, or a police officer, or a guy who writes fortunes for cookies, but no matter what: your support system gets you through it all. And I am very #lucky #blessed #fortunatecookie.

By the way my sister is a nurse, which is not an easy career, Maui or no. Whenever I want to whine and say “this is harrrrrrrrd,” I think about how Keely is a tough bitch* and a life saver. Even if she’s just sneaking a darling little note into someone’s phone.

*This is a title she gave herself when we asked why she didn’t want to get gassed up before getting her wisdom teeth pulled. So, yeah confidence is key.