Lazy Little Pistolera

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post that I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to use WordPress. In fact, I don’t even think WordPress has faith in me, because it keeps giving me little pop-up tips.

So, I have no explanation. It all comes down to laziness and some sort of weird fear.

Or maybe, inspired by Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”: Resistance. I will use that word instead of Lazy. I’m not lazy, I’m ambitious to the point of paralysis. I’m an insomniac now and it’s not fun.

Here’s some good stuff!!

  1. I filmed “A Crime to Remember” back in July.
    1. I had to dye my hair blonde
      1. Had to get new headshots and decide if I wanted to stay blonde. It is very expensive. (Tomorrow I have an interview with wish me luck)
  1. Now the episode is on TV!!!
    1. It’s called “Luck Be A Lady” and you can watch it here if you have a cable provider/login.
    2. Otherwise, you can just look at these screenshots I took and make up your own little plot with your imagination:ACTR gun.PNGACTR hat.JPG
    3. Hint: I killed ’em all and got away.
  2. But no seriously, it’s a VERY good episode and you should try to get your paws on it. It’s based on the true story of Sharon Kinne, AKA La Pistolera, and it deserves it’s own blog post. #2017resolutions
  3. I also filmed a fun commercial for NFL Thursday Night Football and an even more fun commercial for Extreme Reach digital media. I played the office hippie which is perfect for me because I don’t shave my armpits.
    1. I have not shaved my armpits in a very long time. Since September. I have extremely unruly armpit hair. It is very dark and grows very fast. This, also deserves it’s own blog post. #2017resolutionsyabitch
    2. I will post media when it’s ready!

Lastly, I’ve been taking a lot of production classes at BRIC. Learning how to use cameras and such. WHAT A TREMENDOUS RESOURCE. Also deserving of its own blog post!! #noseriously2017resolutionsordie.

I don’t like just writing stuff willy-nilly. I want it to be quality. Ya know, informative and funny and important and relevant. But sometimes you just gotta throw a couple screenshots and bad jokes up and call it a start. If nothing else, I’ve got three great essay topics to work on. At least. Four, actually, if my interview with goes well or not well tomorrow.