Boxing Lessons

Not everything has to be a lesson. I get so bored with myself sometimes for trying to squeeze meaning out of everything.

Today I had to carry a giant ass white foam box all over Queens for work and I was like, this sucks but at least I’ll learn something. I will find some sort of emotional takeaway and it will all have been worth it.

Okay, but what?

The box is roughly the size of two toddlers, put together, and then fused into a giant lego to make a square. So, 30x10x10. Older toddlers. Ones that can nearly outrun you.

All day people kept thinking that there was something in the box but the box was empty. Three Uber drivers tried to carry it for me and when they realized that it wasn’t heavy they put it back down and let me carry it myself.

And every time that happened I thought, ooh a learning opportunity! But, no. I learned nothing from it, regardless of the pattern.

I looked for ways to learn from the box all day, but nothing really happened. Even during morning rush hour when I hauled it on the C train, nobody got mad at me. Twice, I walked off without the box, because I thought it was a table. But I didn’t get far enough to really learn something about what it’s like to leave a box behind.

Maybe I was just destined to have an ordinary day. The sun was shining, NYC children played in small patches of dirt like always, and I carried around a box, swiping at the hours as they passed. I tried talking to the box, to see if the universe had anything to offer in the form of a Sign. I even shook it like a Magic 8 Ball. But nothing mattered. The box refused to be inspirational.

Eventually, the box and I got stuck in some bushes, because I was in a hurry.

It was then that a very clear learning opportunity finally presented itself: take a deep breath. And then locate and utilize a sidewalk. Not super poignant, but the practical messages are just as good.



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