Mrs. Wentworth’s New Blue Door

Someone yelled from inside the Morgan’s house.

Mrs. Wentworth, who has been living in the shed in the backyard for nearly 17 days now, pressed her face to its only window; which was a tiny thing that she could only reach from atop a small stool. Not that it was a tall toolshed. It was an average sized toolshed, approximately 574 cubic feet. Not so big that it ate up the backyard, but large enough for a cot, and a small nightstand with a television. Also, the stool. For looking out the window. Every year, Mrs. Wentworth seems to get a little shorter.

Mr. Morgan, a well-liked pharmacist, had agreed to help her set up her old Magnavox, as well as her VCR, so that she could watch videos. He ran the cables through a small hole in the shed, across the yard, through the dog door, and into the house.

The house is a split-level ranch, in a suburb of Boise. It was built in 1972. Its official address is 1901 Randolph Avenue. When the Morgans moved in six years ago (2012, only two kids at the time), they painted the front door a deep shade of blue.

When Mrs. Wentworth returned, just over two weeks ago, she almost didn’t recognize the place, because of the blue door, which was just a normal colored door when she lived there from 1972-2011.

It certainly didn’t look like the home Mr. Wentworth had built for her all those years ago, before he went away, but she would change that soon enough.

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