a deeply personal and embarrassing list of things i did instead of writing

I have been sitting at this dumb computer for over two hours and I’ve written nothing. I started a few things, but THIS SUCKS and I just WANT TO GO TO BED.

Here are a few things I did instead:

-Read a long ass NYT article about Gwyneth Paltrow

-Googled the woman who wrote the article

-Googled Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter

-Googled Blue Ivy and then went down the Blue Ivy Instagram rabbit hole

-Moved onto Julia Roberts’ daughter

-Looked up exes on Facebook

-Looked at my Facebook from their perspective

-Went down my own Instagram rabbit hole

-Then moved on to my boyfriend’s to see if he’s posted any photos of me lately (no.)

-Went through my Google Drive to see if there was something I’d already written I could post instead (no.)

-Googled limericks

-Googled rabbit hole vs worm hole


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