{Title} Hi, I’m Tory

{Poignant Quote} “The universe is made of stories” – Muriel Rukeyser.

{Introduction} I’m an actor who loves to write. This blog is an attempt to highlight some of my other labels too. Here they are:

{Body} woman / roarer, Iowan, cat mom, recovering perfectionist, editor, vegetarian, asthmatic, slightly cross eyed, brunette, future dolphin high-fiver, comedic improviser, virgo, classic INFP, joke ruiner, chronic job seeker, literal thinker, over-thinker, daydreamer, lone wolf, caterpillar hero, tree friend, “freak of nature,” silly guy, list-maker. Above all things, I am a list-maker.

{Conclusion} I have vivid nightmares and mild-yet-diagnosed OCD and I absolutely crack myself up.

{PS} Here’s my official website: www.toryflack.com

{PPS} Here’s a picture of me looking fine as hell:


{PPPS} (Photo by JJ Ignotz)

{PPPPS} You can follow me on social media: @flacktory

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